Breaking Free

Cults are defined as ideological organizations, typically held together by a strong leader who demands total commitment and complete submission to the teachings he or she espouses to be truth. Psychological experts have linked members within these types of organizations to be the victims of exploitation, emotional manipulation and abuse. Such extreme methods of control are employed to prevent members from leaving and often lead them to surrender their entire lives to the organization.

It requires incredible strength and fortitude to leave these types of groups, especially when a person is born into one and is allowed little to no connection with the outside world. Survivors who do find the courage to break free from such organizations are often ostracized by friends and relatives who remain a part of the group. Adjustment to the outside world is difficult, with a large percentage of survivors suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nate, Mark and Dortha demonstrate the extreme effects this trauma causes throughout life. The journey they embarked upon when they left Westboro continues today as they share their stories with the hope of helping others in similar situations find a path to healing.